Creator of The Allergy Kit™

Dr. ynge ljung

Acupuncture Physician, Alternative Holistic Healer, Body Code™ Practitioner, Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Creator of The Allergy Kit™

Author of Finding Your Lost Child: Understanding Allergies, Nutrition & Detox in Autism

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Hi, I'm Dr. Ynge. I'm on a mission is to teach people how to take back their power when it comes to their health. For more than 25 years  have treated patients to help them overcome significant health challenges and minors ones too, that left untreated could easily lead to big problems.

Dr. Ynge's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Dr. Ynge takes pride in customizing her presentation to suit your audience. Schedule a call today to explore how she can add value to your community.

Your Body's Defense System

Understanding How It Works and How to Keep It Strong: Dr. Ynge shares effective strategies to build your immune system to protect your body from diseases and infections. You will learn about the 3 immune systems, nutrients that boost and lifestyle hacks.

Stress, Anxiety, Bloating, Inflammation ... Is It What You're Eating or What's Eating You?

During the presentation, Dr. Ynge focuses on how to interpret what your body is trying to tell you through aches, pains, allergies and other uncomfortable symptoms. She shares a process of identifying and treating the root cause of symptoms that is natural, non-invasive and drug-free. The fastest way to claim back your health and vitality … settling for less than you desire and deserve is no longer an option!

Hope for Children & Parents: Autism & Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Ynge is a frequent presenter for Autism Awareness groups and organizations. Parents of children on the spectrum often feel hopeless and exhausted and are struggling with knowing how to manage and raise their children. Worst of all, they are seeing their children suffer and don't know what to do next. In this presentation Dr. Ynge shares hope with specific strategies of improving the health and behavior of their children by understanding allergies, nutrition, and detox in autism.

About Dr. Ynge Ljung

Acupuncture Physician, Alternative Holistic Healer, Body Code™ Practitioner, Naturopathic Medicine Doctor,
Creator of The Allergy Kit™

For more than 40 years, Dr. Ynge has dedicated her life to searching for, studying and finding natural solutions for optimal health.  Born and raised in Sweden and originally trained as a Chemical Engineer, Ynge swiftly moved to the field of health and wellness. She spent years studying ancient healing sources and Chinese truths  and graduated as an Acupuncture Physician in 1995, specializing in allergy elimination.

Her extensive education in both Eastern and Western ideologies allowed her to create an easy, powerful and affordable way to “say bye bye to your allergies” once and for all with the creation of The Allergy Kit™ in 2006. 
This approach creates a lasting effect that brings balance and harmony to the whole being and strengthens the immune system in the process.

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