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Your Inspirational Speaker for Healing Naturally, Finding Your Purpose, and Making a Difference While Achieving Financial Freedom.

International Best Selling Author
Voiceover Artist

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Angela's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Angela brings an authentic and inspiring energy to all of her talks, creating a bond with the audience and inspiring them to strive for their best health and wealth.

It's Not You, It's Your Food

During this engaging presentation, Angela dissolves the confusion and frustration so many people suffer when it comes to achieving optimal health. She shares how nutritionally deficient food may be sabotaging your health and wellness efforts.

Sowing the Seeds of Change

This talk shows how a revolutionary gardening system can be used to teach collaboration, create curiousity and change the tastebuds of your children.

How to Find Hope & Light in Dark Times

This inspiring presentation shows audiences how to find hope and light in dark times as Angela shares her own story of being told she would never walk again and only had a few years to live. After years of suffering she found the solution to her best health ... naturally!

About Angela Nelson

The Health & Wealth Builder

Angela Nelson, The Health and Wealth Builder and Your Partner in Wealth and Wellness provides simple tools and resources so that your clients experience improved health and wellness more quickly, and you can create additional income at the same time.

She understands the frustration of the medicine merry-go-round, attempting to find relief from pain, side effects and setbacks in your health. After suffering for years from a painful, debilitating illness, Angela finally found a way to heal naturally, and not only survive, but thrive. Now she is passionate about sharing how you can create more wellness and wealth in your life, and in the lives of your clients.

Angela is an International Best-Selling Author and the creator of which provides community, connection, and inspiration to feed your mind, body, and spirit. She gives you the tools and resources to earn extra income while making a difference in your own health and for the clients you’ll serve.

Angela loves fitness, photography, and the outdoors, whether on the trails or on the water. She is on a mission to end food deserts and bring healthy back!

Angela has been featured on the following shows:

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