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Bring Anja to your next event and give your audience the benefit of being able to Thrive From Home in these hectic and fast-paced times. Home is where the heart is and Anja's heart shines through every presentation!

Thrive From Home

Our homes may be hazardous to our health. Allergies, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, our bodies hurting, and aching are common daily challenges for most. What to eliminate that is harmful. Simple strategies and solutions to implement, so that your home will enhance and support the health and wellbeing for you and your family in all areas of mind, body, and home on a continual daily basis.

Born from Nature, Raised by Technology

All of us are impacted by ever increasing technology in our lives. The connections with ourselves, others, nature, and our food are vital keys so that our health can improve, and well-being will thrive. Easy ways of getting back to the basics of natural health. The audience will gain strategies that are simple to implement, creating wellness in home/office environments. Nature inspired elements and technologies that impact water, air, sleep so that your work and living environments support your health.

Recession-Proof Your Wellness Business

In this economic environment, how we serve our clients has shifted dramatically. How do we thrive in this new economy. Offering enhanced solutions and education by aligning with additional health experts. Your clients become better educated consumers so that they can enhance their own well-being and see better results with the services you provide. Creating referral partners, business alliances & affiliates that will create win-wins and improve your bottom line.

About Anja Weinberg

Anja Weinberg is a wellness expert and community connection catalyst with over 25 years in the wellness field. Her audiences and clients learn strategies and solutions that have people feel rejuvenated and more connected, so that health & well-being will improve on a continual daily basis.

As the Wellness Director and Thrive from Home Wellness Consultant at A Place for Healing, Anja’s focus is on natural solutions for greater Health and Well-Being of Mind, Body and Home.

Anja grew up on a family homestead in north-west countryside of Germany. She is a wife and mother.
Combining her years of experience in the Hospitality business, Interior Design and Wellness fields, her understanding of natural family living, wellness home design and non-invasive natural health & wellness solutions make Anja the perfect advocate for clients.

As a WellnessPreneur, Anja works with individuals, families, Wellness Centers, and their clients creating wellness home/office environments, based on nature inspired elements and technologies that impact water, air, sleep and the connections with ourselves, others, nature and our food. Her common sense “get ‘er done” approach implements simple strategies so that wellness becomes a flow of greater wellbeing in all areas of mind, body, and home.

Health is the new Wealth and Home is where your Health & Wealth Thrive.

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