The Midlife Resuscitator


Creating Awareness & Connection - Mind, Body & Soul
Speaker & Licensed Massage Therapist

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." ~ Lao Tzu

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Jewana's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Jewana's authentic and engaging style resonates with a large cross section of people, allowing her to serve a diverse clientele. Each of her presentations are uniquely designed to serve the needs of her clients and the audience.

Turn Your Pain Into Your Power

In this presentation, Jewana shares how to create awareness and connect mind, body, and soul by first acknowledging the pain and then moving on to discover how to transform the pain into power for moving forward. Participants will learn the keys to discovering how the physical pain may be connected to mental or emotional issues and what to do about it.

CPR for Your Life!

This presentation delivers Jewana's unique system of CPR (Connecting, Processing, and Releasing) to begin your journey back to the life you were created to live. Audience members will feel enlivened and inspired to move forward with confidence and clarity.

Connect to the Power of Who You Are

Our fast-paced, high demand lifestyles often separate us from who we are and who we are destined to be. This leaves many feeling lost, dismayed or even depressed about their lives and current circumstances. In this presentation, Jewana provides practical strategies to reconnect with the power of who you are transforming lives of "quiet desperation" into lives of powerful inspiration.

About Jewanna White

The Midlife Resuscitator, Speaker & Licensed Massage Therapist

Jewana White is a Medical Intuitive creating Awareness and Connection Mind, Body and Soul. Known as the Midlife Resuscitator, Jewana uses a unique system of CPR (Connecting, Processing and Releasing) to begin your journey back to the life you were created to live. She began this journey with Body connection by becoming a Phlebotomist and Nursing assistant at 19 years old. Her path took a detour at 21 when she started working for the MTA LIRR   During her 23 years of service to LIRR she acquired a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies, An Associate degree in Massage Therapy and is currently acquiring her masters in Chinese Medicine with a focus in Acupuncture. She is a reiki master, a trained clairvoyant and a holistic coach. 
As a single mother of two young men, Jewana knows how to juggle her time and energy to achieve exceptional results. She is the founder of U~Factor Wellness, where the Journey Within Begins. She works with women that are ready to harness the power within to transcend from their current existence into a more empowered reality. She Loves good company,  food,  music and loves to laugh.  One of her visions is creating a wellness center where people can go to feel the high frequency of being who they are.

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