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"Kathryn Yarborough is such a dynamic and engaging speaker that any group would be lucky to have her on stage. She consistently receives high praise and applause for her value-packed talks and teaching. I highly recommend Kathryn, she is inspiring, motivating, and a fantastic speaker."
~ Georgia Lee London,

Kathryn's Most Requested Speaking Topics

If you're looking for a speaker that will inspire and educate your audience in a fun, engaging and interactive way, Kathryn is your top choice!

Be a Magnet to Your Ideal Clients

During this vibrant and engaging presentation, Kathryn shows participants how to attract ideal clients just like bees are attracted to honey. She teaches how to tap into your unique vibration which is what will resonate with your ideal clients. 

Entrepreneurs are often stuck in one of the two phases of becoming a client magnet. In this presentation, you’ll learn about both phases and how to move through them so you can easily shift from frustration to hope, manifest all the clients you want, and grow a thriving, successful business you love.

Speak to Attract Clients

Whether you're speaking online or in person, you attract ideal clients through a presentation that touches their heart, inspires their mind, or teaches them a useful skill. In this presentation, Kathryn shares how to be a dynamic, engaging and impactful speaker by crafting a presentation with the essential elements your ideal clients will love.

Bring Your Facebook LIVES to Life!

This presentation is designed for anyone seeking to broaden their reach through Facebook LIVES and for those who have been frustrated by lackluster results in their social media marketing. Kathryn shares how to connect, engage and excite your audience. Learn the 3 tips on how to do your LIVES so that your ideal clients lean in, listen and want to take a next step with you.

Your Body Speaks! Six Types of Non-Verbal Communication Skills that All Entrepreneurs Should Master

We've all heard that non-verbal communication often speaks louder than our words and in this presentation, Kathryn shares the six non-verbal communication skills you can develop so that your ideal clients listen to what you say. Participants will also learn how to build trust by having your gestures, facial expressions, and tone of voice should be congruent with your words.

Attract Clients with a Presentation Your Ideal Clients Love

The goal of all presentations, whether you're speaking online or in person, is to deliver a presentation that inspires and elevates the audience and in this training, Kathryn will do just that and show you how to do it too! Participants will learn the keys to crafting a presentation that your ideal clients will love by touching their hearts, inspiring their minds and teaching useful skills.

About Kathryn Yarborough

Vibrant Speaker Coach & Author

Kathryn Yarborough is a vibrant speaker coach and manifesting clients mentor for women coaches, healers, and on purpose solopreneurs. She teaches them how to manifest clients, be authentically vibrant, and grow a business they love. She’s the founder of the Manifesting Clients Academy, the creator of the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle, an Amazon best-selling author, and an inspirational speaker. She runs a great Facebook group called Vibrant Entrepreneurs where you’ll find tips on attracting clients and opportunities to connect with other cool solopreneurs.

As a thriving on purpose solopreneur for over 22 years, she uses her knowledge and experience to support her clients on their entrepreneurial journeys. She launched her private practice in 2001 as a dance/movement therapist, then added manifestation coaching and integrative breathworker to her toolbox. She’s a leader and speaker in the On Purpose Woman Global Community, the past-owner of the Center for Embodied Consciousness, and a past-President of Omni Toastmasters.

Kathryn’s a divorced mom of a cool, adult son. She likes to journal, walk, do conscious breathwork, swim, and watch action-adventure movies. She lives in central Florida now but doesn’t know where she wants to live when she grows up.

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