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Kristen's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Kristen's no-nonsense approach and ability to translate technology into easy to understand systems creates tangible results. Invite Kristen to your group today and help your audience 

The Power of No

In this engaging presentation, Kristen shares the 3 keys to taking control of your day when you feel like you are being pulled in a million directions. Set yourself free with the power of no!

Breaking Free: Leveraging the Right Technology

Technology is a lot like having a car. You need to know the fundamental of driving and how to operate your car; you don't need to know how to build it. More importantly, you need the car that's right for you. During this eye-opening presentation, Kristen shows you how to identify the "tech stack" that's right for you and how to use it in your business for maximum returns on time, productivity and efficiency.

What Would a CEO Do? (WWCD)

No one wants to be held hostage by technology and systems they don't understand or can't perform, but that doesn't mean you should be the doer of all the things. Learn which high-impact action translates to money in the bank and which actions you should consider delegating.

About Kristen Kramer

Operations Expert & Virtual Business Consultant

It's not your fault. They sold you a fairytale. Now you're stuck living a nightmare. Cookie-cutter solutions don't work.

Kristen Kramer is an Operations Expert and Virtual Business Consultant. For over 12 years, Kristen has shown mission-driven business owners how to break through the 5-figure ceiling, break free from the chaos holding them prisoner, and empower them to create a thriving, profitable business that fuels their desired lifestyle.

Kristen is passionate about igniting that spark deep inside you - the one that prompted you to become an entrepreneur. Her goal is to show you how to turn that spark into a blazing inferno and empower you to take back your power and own your life and future.

You've taken the accelerators. You developed grand plans in coaching programs. Yet, you're still not getting the traction you need to build momentum and thrive.

Working with Kristen, you'll get the personalized, one-on-one attention you need to create consistency, gain traction, and build momentum. You think you can't. Kristen is going to show you that you can. Discover the keys to unlock your bold moves, escape the nightmare, and unleash your inner Bold Moves Boss!

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