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What others say about Surviving the Business of Dying

"...a great tool for helping you organize your final wishes as well as being a wonderful gift for your executor." ~ Ruth G.

"This in-depth workbook covers, in detail, every area necessary that one will need to instruct those in your life with the care of your businesses after you're gone." ~ Geri R.

What To Do Before They Go

No one likes to talk about it, BUT not talking about it will be far more painful and difficult than talking about it before it happens. In this thought-provoking and action-inspiring presentation, MJ shares the most important things to do BEFORE the business of dying takes over your life.

How to Survive the Business of Dying

In this heartfelt and compassionate presentation, MJ shares how to pick up the pieces and handle the business of dying. From life insurance, wills, sorting through assets (or the lack of assets) and dealing with attorneys (or not having one), MJ will guide you to survive and thrive after the loss of a loved one.

About MJ Charles

Award-Winning Author & Speaker

MJ Charles, “The Last Wishes Facilitator", provides a simple process for those who want to assemble their last wishes. Based on her own experience of losing a loved one suddenly, MJ gives you peace of mind, knowing your last wishes will be carried out after you are gone.   An award-winning author and creator of the “Gathering Your Wishes” program, MJ provides an easy-to-use tool, so that you can compile detailed instructions to facilitate your will. Her workbook is your tool. A selection of classes supports you in the process, whether in a group or 1:1, to create a single set of detailed instructions for your loved ones to follow after you are gone.
One very bad day, MJ used that energy to organize all her papers.  In fact, it was the beginning of a book. “Surviving the Business of Dying, Why Final Papers Matter” was published in May 2017 and awarded “Finalist” in its genre in the 2019 International Bookfest. Her readers loved the book, but still didn’t know where to start. In answer to these questions, MJ created a companion workbook. This simple question and answer format provides you with a starting place. It no doubt raises questions you never thought of!    

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