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Creating Conscious Communication


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Claudia's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Your Speaker for Leadership, Organization & Public Presence Skills

Every presentation is customized to serve the needs of her clients and the audience.

Conscious Leadership

This engaging and uplifting presentation guides you through the definitions and applications of conscious leadership and how embracing it will guide you into the future with greater impact, productivity and profits!

Conflict Resolution & Conscious Communication

Organizations know full well the high price that is paid for conflict between team members and that unresolved conflict can even call a halt to the business. In this training, Claudia provides techniques and strategies for resolving conflict quickly and effectively by applying conscious communication.

Your Voice is Your Power

Harnessing her 28+ years on stage and screen, in this presentation Claudia shares practical strategies for amplifying your voice so that you are creating the greatest impact for your organization. Whether you are speaking to 1 or 1,000, Claudia knows exactly how to guide you and your team to shining as the super stars you are!

"I have taught executives for over forty years...I've worked with many people over the years, and Claudia is by far the most effective teacher I've ever met!"


"Working with Claudia is the difference between just giving a speech and delivering a powerful message!"


About Claudia Rocafort

Executive Coach, Actress, Communication & Leadership Trainer

Claudia Rocafort is an international actress with over 28 years experience on stage and on screen. Known as The Conscious Communicator, she's been a Communications Consultant and Executive Coach since 2006. Claudia is an ICF Certified Life Coach, author, show host and keynote speaker who's engaging, inspiring and entertaining presentations are full of practical strategies for success.

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