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Family Stories Legacy Guide

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture plus the words is priceless!"


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Ruthanne's Most Requested Speaking Topics

Ruthanne delights audiences by returning them to their memories, turning life stories into life treasures.

A Matter of Life and Death - How to Capture Stories and Memories So That You and Your Loved Ones Live On

Stories and experiences connect generations. Don’t take yours with you to the grave. In this informative and, yes, fun conversation, Ruthanne shares ways to ensure that your life stories, experiences, and wisdom and those of past generations are passed down to the next generations. Your audience will leave with creative ideas and easy ways to take action right away, avoiding the regret of ‘I’ll get around to it someday’ syndrome.

The Important Things - Turning Life Stories Into Life Treasures

In this thought-provoking talk, Ruthanne introduces ‘Legacy Letters of Life’ to move participants to share their stories, memories, and special messages now, as well as create a lasting treasure that outlives them for generations. During this interactive presentation, which can also be given as a hands-on workshop, Ruthanne shares tips on how to decide what to include and creative formats for sharing. Your audience will be able to take action immediately, before it’s too late.

Capturing Stories and Memories - How to Make Your Family Tree Evergreen

While the leaves on the family tree give you names and fun facts of when and where, they don’t tell the stories. In this engaging talk, Ruthanne introduces themes and questions that draw out the most important stories of how you lived and what you experienced and learned along the way. Without the stories, the leaves fall off the tree in just a couple of generations. Your audience will see family stories in a whole new way, be inspired to tell, preserve, and share them, and get lots of practical tips along the way.

About Ruthanne Warnick

Family Stories Legacy Guide

Ruthanne Warnick is an advocate of capturing family stories and experiences to connect generations and create lasting treasures of family legacy. As a Family Stories Legacy Guide, Ruthanne helps people glean the most important stories, experiences, and memories so that they and their loved ones can live on. As she puts it, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a picture plus the words is priceless.”

As some of Ruthanne’s family members passed away, she realized how many family stories died with them and how valuable the stories she did have would become. In 2012, she became a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor and founded Capture the Journey to help others take action and avoid the regret of waiting until it’s too late. With that goal in mind, Ruthanne speaks to audiences of all sizes, conducts workshops, and has created the “Legacy Letters of Life” and “Stories to Treasures” programs.

In addition to her legacy work, Ruthanne’s experience over the past 30 years has included non-profit administration and volunteer leadership in a national women’s organization. Advancing from the local to the national level of leadership, Ruthanne has engaged, mentored, and trained hundreds of other women to become leaders themselves.

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