The Crone Goddess

valerie j. ritchie

Redefining the Essence of Midlife for Women

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Valerie's Most Requested Speaking Topics

The Crone Goddess
Redefining the Essence of Midlife for Women

Every presentation is customized to serve the needs of her clients and the audience.

Embracing the Crown of Wisdom

Celebrating the Crone Goddess Within by Harnessing Wisdom as Your Superpower

In this invigorating keynote, Valerie unveils the majestic journey towards embracing life's later chapters with grace, resilience and wisdom. Audiences will be guided through an enlightening process to rediscover the Crone Goddess within, learning how to celebrate their accumulated wisdom as the ultimate superpower. This talk elevates the concept of wisdom beyond mere knowledge or experience—it's presented as an inherent strength, a guiding light, and a transformative force that empowers women to navigate midlife with confidence, joy, and purpose.

The Art of Self-First

In this empowering presentation, Valerie explores the revolutionary concept of placing
yourself first, especially during the foundational years of midlife. She delves into practical Time For Me strategies for Self-Care, Self-Love and ultimately Self-First, by cultivating a life of purpose and joy. This talk is a call to women to embrace their midlife years as a time of growth, self-empowerment, and fulfilment.

The Journey to Self-Love: A Roadmap for Women at Midlife

Valerie offers a deep dive into the transformative power of self-love, providing a blueprint for women to cultivate self-compassion and resilience. This talk shares personal insights and practical steps to inspire women to fully embrace their true selves, cultivating a life of fulfilment and self-acceptance.

About Valerie J. Ritchie

The Crone Goddess

Valerie J. Ritchie, 'The Crone Goddess', empowers midlife women with her advocacy for Self-Care,
Self-Love, Self-First. An engaging speaker, she champions the celebration of becoming a Crone
Goddess by letting you know 'There's more to life than menopause,' offering transformative insights and practical strategies for embracing life's later chapters with grace and resilience.

Her notable contributions include energizing talks, her cheeky Crone Wisdom videos, and a global community of followers. Committed to demystifying midlife, Valerie inspires women to step into their power and celebrate the richness of their experiences. Valerie's wish for you is to 'Embrace Your Inner Crone Goddess'.

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